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We dont have 66 diferent strains from Apothecary-genetics in our online marijuana seeds store . Please check list of available seeds bellow:

Afghani OG stock:Available
Ape Berry stock:Available
Black Berry stock:Available
Black Skunk Berry stock:Available
Bubba Kush stock:Available
BWB OG stock:Available
Canna Berry stock:Available
Chem Dawg 04 stock:Available
Chem Dawg 91 stock:Available
ChemDawg stock:Available
Chuck Berry stock:Available
Congo Nigerian x OG stock:Available
Congo x Nigerian x Hashplant stock:Available
Cookies OG stock:Available
Dream Berry stock:Available
Durbin OG stock:Available
Durbin Poison stock:Available
Earlywave stock:Available
Earth OG stock:Available
Frost Berry stock:Available
Ghost OG stock:Available
Grape Ape stock:Available
Haze stock:Available
HeadBand stock:Available
Headband x Caramel stock:Available
Kaia Kush stock:Available
Kem G stock:Available
Lemon Mango OG stock:Available
Lemon Nigerian stock:Available
Lemon OG stock:Available
Livity stock:Available
Louis XIII OG stock:Available
Male OG stock:Available
Mendo Diesel stock:Available
Nigerian Hashplant stock:Available
Nigerian Yoruba stock:Available
OG Dog stock:Available
OG Kush stock:Available
Old School Jams stock:Available
Orange Berry stock:Available
Pezz stock:Available
Pink Berry stock:Available
Platinum OG stock:Available
Rainbow Sherbert stock:Available
Rascal OG stock:Available
Regulator OG stock:Available
San Fernando Valley OG stock:Available
Silver Back stock:Available
SKB-NH x SKB-C stock:Available
Skywalker stock:Available
Snoop stock:Available
Sour Berry stock:Available
Sour Diesel stock:Available
Sour Grapes stock:Available
Sour-G stock:Available
Strawberry Cough stock:Available
Tahoe OG stock:Available
The Goo stock:Available
Triple X stock:Available
Very Berry Haze stock:Available
Woody stock:Available
Yoruba Bontu Nigerian x OG stock:Available